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Q: Can CimFAX fax server auto save faxes to SMB network shared folders?
A: Yes, CimfAX can auto save faxes to SMB network shared folders as PDF files. With more configurations, you don't even need to keep client software running.
Q: Can I receive fax in my email?
A: Yes, CimfAX can forward all the incoming faxes to your email as PDF attachments.
Q: Q: Is there any page limits? Or monthly fees?
A: No, there's neither page limits nor monthly fees. CimFAX is not online fax service. It is a server that you keep in house and connect to your legacy fax line.
Q: What happens when storage is running out?
A: All the old faxes will be overwritten automatically. Faxes will come in as well as it should be.
Q: Can I send and receive faxes when I am not in the office?
A: Yes. CimFAX has remote feature. With correct configuration, you can send and receive faxes anywhere as long as there's a computer and network.
Q: Is CimFAX fax server a stand-alone device?
A: Yes. CimFAX fax server is a stand-alone fax device. As long as it is connected to LAN with 10/100M Ethernet, it will work as well as it should be, such as receiving fax, automatic queuing, scheduling faxing, fax to email.
Q: DO I still have to buy a fax software in addition to CimFAX?
A: No, you don't have to. CimFAX system consists of a fax server software, CimFAX PC client software and CimFAX hardware. It is capable of high speed faxing and is independent of computers.
Q: What kind of documents can CimFAX send?
A: CimFAX can send most documents including Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF and JPEG/PNG files on Windows, PDF, PNG/JPEG files on Mac, iPhone and Android.
Q: Can I export faxes in CimFAX?
A: Yes, you can export faxes as TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPG files.
Q: How to create digital signatures and stamps?
A: Sign or stamp on a clean paper and put it into the scanner. Click Create "Signature from Scanner" in CimFAX console. Digital signature is created.
Q: How to configure fax to email?
A: Please log in as administrator and set the default gateway of CimFAX as the Internet gateway in the current LAN (such as router address). After you entered the email service information, new faxes can be automatically send to your specified email address as attachments.
Q: Why is there always a large black spot when I use “remote control” to check faxes?
A: This is CimFAX's anti-Trojan function. Fax content cannot be seen by all remote control tools, including “remote desktop”. Please install CimFAX client on your computer and login to the server to check faxes.
Q: I have to broadcast faxes to groups of recipients which differ one time from another. Is there any easy and convenient way to do that?
A: Please list your contacts in Excel and import the lists into a new contact group with "Import Contact" feature. You can add the whole group contacts to the recipients and CimFAX will send faxes to them one by one. Also, you can schedule faxes to send during off-peak period in “Fax Option”.
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